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1932-1953 Ford and Mercury parts for your restoration or traditional Hot Rod build

This website is being formed after having catalogues in the 60’s and 70’s and selling by word of mouth since then. These parts sell themselves really because they are NOS Ford and/or USA manufactured.

If there are any exceptions to this rule they will have been tested on my builds or proven to be correct for your restoration or your money will be refunded.

Due to limitations on such parts, they could come to an end someday here and would be subject to prior sale or price changes without notice. Of course we hope not.

To place an order you can e-mail (preferred) or call 507-332-6789 for availability on the parts needed and get the cost and shipping charges. All parts shipped by USPS or UPS which ever is cheapest and convenient.

We ask that if you do not see the part you need listed please call or e-mail and ASK. The parts on the website are in quantities at this moment, but obviously will run out at sometime so just ASK. We have lots of parts not listed. We will be happy to fill all your needs.

To find the part, use the illustration; to find the basic number, go to column listing of parts and find basic number and year needed.

Payment is by mailing check, money order or using PayPal.

We also have these same kind of parts for your pickup trucks and big trucks. Call 507-332-6789 for availability and quote.

This is a partial listing of my everyday parts that I sell. I wanted to get this out for your consideration and create a little interest. Will be adding more parts in the near future along with our specials. Thanking you in advance by offering a 30 day 10% discount beginning with your first order. We have 27,000 sq.feet and 4,900 feet of inventoried parts on shelving. Take a little peek of a few aisles in our buildings here.

Thanks for your interest.


Hub Bolts, Studs, Misc Nuts

Brakes – Mechanical

Brakes – Hydraulic

Front End

Stabilizer and Track Bar

Steering 1932-36

Steering 1937-48

Ignition and Horn

Rear End

Frame, License, Battery, Exhaust

Front Spring / Rear Spring

Engine Parts


Shifter Parts

Clutch Parts




Starter Parts



Wiring and Fasteners

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