We have been collecting and buying parts since 1962 when you could go to a junk yard in Nebraska, or for that matter anywhere in the Midwest, and get those much-needed parts off those 1934 and up Ford cars or the whole car if it was not a big hassle to get it out. 


      Then in 1970, we started buying only new parts from the Ford garage attics and parts rooms, auto parts warehouses in Chicago and New York, the auto parts distributor capitals of the world or anywhere else our good Ford nose would lead us. 


      We have had the good fortune to be able to make a living all these years with catalogues and mail order parts, but all good things must come to an end eventually. 


      We have so many parts we probably could never sell them all just by word of mouth so we are going to be putting them on a website for your enjoyment.  The parts will be mostly genuine N.O.S. Ford or early American made after market.  Quantities will be limited obviously so you will have to add this site to your favorites list and check it frequently because it will be changing often. 


      The website will consist of pages listed by years and interest such as 1932-34, 1935-37 etc., a page for unique items, specials, early hot rod parts and a page for ordering instructions. 


 Happy hunting and keep alert. 



Mailing Address:

Southside Obsolete

7136  200 Street East

 Faribault, MN  55021

Phone:      (507) 332-6789